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It is time for another post, after quite a break from the normal publishing routine. I had to go to Rome for two days at the end of last week. The day before leaving I was really busy, trying to get clarity on a few registration and technical details for the Saudi market, for the European market, and trying to prepare as much as I could for Rome. I had to go there, talk to retailers et al, get an idea and confirm what happens there, and start taking things in to my hand again, after a long, very long, very patient phase of benevolent wait and see. I cannot go into any detail, but I am changing a lot in Italy. To the better, in the next few months, I am convinced. 

I love Italy, but things there are not always easy. It is a complex world in the south. One thing that I love as perfume creator about Italy: It is probably the most advanced, grown up, ripe perfume market. You know: “Niche” started in Italy, about 30 years ago. Niche in Italy was in a sense an early reaction to the onset of delirium fragrant, the massive banalization and starting globalization of the perfume market 30 years ago. We are there again. Just to give you an example of the growing confusing: A brand like Byredo or Dyptique is still called niche, although you find it in duty free stores (Dyptique) and although both are owned by equity capital mostly (Manzanita Capital). Perfume lovers all over loose track and orientation. 

So we are again, with Italy leading and setting the ground: For niche 2.0 or artisanal haute perfumery or whatever you like to call it. And this is the reason, why I had to fly down there and back: Italy is one of the hotspots where my fragrances are highly appreciated and where the artistry is recognized, and where it matters whether you belong to Manzanita or not.

Please do not get me wrong: Artisanal does not always mean better scents, and it does not mean that mass market niche is not beautiful, sometimes. But artisanal means: Different, and authentic. And this is what matters: that perfume lovers in search of this difference and authenticity get to know the truth and get a compass in their hands to find their way in the jungle of launches and claims.

This happens in Italy now, a compass is finding its form there.

In  a sense, it is a new way of looking at perfumes and brands, looking behind the photoshop super reality of some.

Today’s picture: Photoshop super reality of Tauer, created by Andy.