general thoughts

lot 001

Good morning from Zurich. Phew! That was quite a week! Tauerville’s Incense flash went online and kept me busy for a while.

And for Tauer Perfumes I am trying to get ready for Pitti . Pitti begins in a week from now, and it will be heaven on perfume earth and a little bit of hell, too. Hell, just because Pitti translates into standing there for 3 days and this is tough. But Hey! No pain, no gain!

Today, when drinking my morning coffee outside, inhaling autumn air, humid, still warm, but not hot anymore, today, I remembered that it is around 10 years now that air du désert marocain went into the first bottles. So there you go: I picked the lot 001 bottle that sits in my bathroom and took a quick picture.

There you see a couple of things. First, it is kind of an ugly flacon, with a label that is printed on a printed by myself and cut out by hand. Quite simple. There is a picture on the flacon, symbolizing the moon rising over the desert, again: made by myself.

The fragrance got a bit darker, and it smells a bit warmer, rounder, softer, maybe a bit more powdery due to maturation. But, it still smells incredibly good.

Air du désert marocain has become a classic, and, in a certain way, I think this is just the beginning of the road. It will probably survive me.

Time to be grateful, for a moment, before continuing the marathon.