what's up?


I have sent the newsletter out and since then I am a little bit under water. Thank you to all of you who ordered. The newsletter was about the miniature of PHI-une rose de Kandahar added to the miniatures (there are just two right now: PHI and LDDM, aka air du désert marocain), available here.

And I announced that the l’oudh, that I described in my MAG issue 04, is also available in 50 ml, and as sample (1.5 ml spray). Here’s the link to the l’oudh. And here the link to the sample size The miniature of l’oudh is sold out. I made 500 of these to go together with the MAG….

What is next? I will go to the post office, dropping packs and envelops. And tomorrow, I will fly to London. On Friday, I will meet my retailer partners there, Les Senteurs, for a discussion about what’s next. And on Saturday, there’s the award ceremony of the Institute of Art and Olfaction. I was a judge, helping them evaluating the many perfumes that they got for their award programe, and I am looking forward to meeting many friends there.

And then, well…. then I will send the MAG to the printing company and will start preparing my Montreal trip. There again: I will meet friends and perfume lovers and my retail partners at Etiket. It is  a busy and happy spring here in tauer land.