lounge radio

The picture today shows you a snapshot from the Tauer “factory”. Labelling Lonestar Memories flacons with the ipad on the side, tuned into lounge-radio.com , putting labels on the flacons, one after the other.  A couple of “why” here:

Why Lonestar: Because we run out of bottles sitting on the shelves. Having focused a bit too much on Gardenia, it is time to stock up on others.

Why labels, and not printing: Printing comes with the advantage of being nice (as long as the print sticks), and the disadvantage of being complex to keep up with the printed bottles stock logistics. With labels, you are on the safer side, and can swiftly upscale and downscale production of a flacon.

Why Lounge-Radio.com? Because music helps. And lounge-radio.com is a very little (niche) private venture of a guy, running his own lounge radio station. I think this is cool, makes a difference, is worth supporting, and if I do not like the music , then I switch to another internet channel. Easy going lounge keeps you moving, specially when doing somewhat repetitive stuff in the factory. Do I love to put labels on bottles? Not really. I do not mind doing it though. And as it is just a few hundred per batch, it is ok. But the plan for next year is to get some help.

Next year means 2015. And next year, in January, means 10 years of Tauer Perfumes. In January 2005, I put Le Maroc pour elle onto the shelves of Medieval art&vie, the little bookshop in Zurich’s medieval downtown. Amazing how fast time goes by.

Also amazing: How long it takes to build a business from scratch, if you do not have millions to invest,  if you address a micro segment of the market, and amazing how long it takes to build a brand, an image, how long it takes to get known. Here, it took a couple of years to get out there.

After 10 years, indeed, my perfume bottles and me got sort of known out there. And guess what: Being known and recognized as “brand” and person comes with a lot of aspects. Let’s mention two aspects here:  It gets easier. I do not have to cry my lungs out to be heard. A lot of perfume lovers listen these days which is fantastic. Wonderful actually, and I am very grateful there. Another aspect;  Drolls and scribes are popping up -for  reasons that you cannot do anything against-, because you got onto their radar. That’s why I have the anti-droll spray sitting next to me, all the time: One spritz and they are all gone, falling off my facebook walls like flies.

10 years, almost, brought a couple of changes, you bet.

Here’s today’s secret: On the blue wall in the factory, hangs a piece of paper. It says “in 10 years from now”…whenever an idea  pops up while listening to lounge-radio, where I want to be in 10 years from now, I write it down.

I need to put up another piece of paper there, though: In 2015, I want to …. I really should start working on 2015.