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love the idea of going back

Right now, I am working on my newsletter, scheduled to go out end of this month, pictures and later some text. Basically, I am announcing the advent calendar 2011, and tell my newsletter readers that the Pentachords are here since September, Miriam, the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series, is there since October and that the Cologne du Maghreb will be available, November 30, at

I will publish in this newsletter some of the pictures of the Miriam flacon that I got done the other day. To the left you see a cut out of one of them. Yesterday, I wore Miriam, during an Apéro. I felt so good. I hope that in the holiday season a lot of fragrance lover will discover the fragrance Miriam and the movie Miriam that is available for download now as rental or as full buy version. I got my lifetime copy yesterday. Follow this link to the Miriam download page. Most of the content, by the way, is there on Evelyn Avenue for free. I feel like I need to post a bit longer on the videos and Miriam, the movie, in the coming days. But first things first: I need to get this newsletter done.

The Cologne du Maghreb is an all natural, all botanical cologne that I offer in as long as supply lasts in the “old” 50 ml flacon and in the “old” white box with a little ribbon around it. The idea  to offer this scent for some time on came to us when Franco Wright and me discussed the indiescents offering. is like an incubator for upcoming brands and fragrant concepts. And the products that you find in the shelves of are artisanal, handcrafted, original and created with much love.

I found the idea of being there with a flacon neat. After some time at I will need to make up my mind how to move on with the Colognes and other ideas. For money reasons, price tag etc. I cannot offer the cologne in my pentagonal flacon. I think so at least. Thus, at some time next year I will need to decide what to do next: Get another larger volume flacon of 75-100 ml  for tauer, get a simpler packaging for the cologne or forget it altogether. For the time being, I just love the idea of going back to my roots for some time. Feels good.