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today’s picture is an old scan of a mandarine. I decided that I need to make two kinds of soaps. I will make a mandarine ambrée soap, loved by many, batch 5 (hence I will have done about 250 soaps so far), and a perfect fit with the holidays. I guess I will go and buy some mandarines today to do more scans for a different wrapping illustration than the one that I used so far. I would love to get a mandarine with a leave, for a high res scan, for later use on a  A4 piece of paper for wrapping. A bit too literal maybe? Maybe I will come up with something very simple. Just half orange colored, half white….with some text in grey.

hmmm… and maybe I need to pick an orange color that is not so bright, but  with hints of grey. Otherwise, things get a bit too 60-ies.

Anyhow: thinking about mandarine and visiting Pascal,  I realized, that I MUST do a tuberose inspired soap. Here ‘s why:

December 8 we have our scent gathering in Zurich again. We =Medieval art&vie and me.
Scent gathering= DUFTAPERO
It is an informal open for all event, starting a 5 pm and we chat, drink a glass of something bubbling, sniff  and listen to some texts, read by two professional speakers: One text is on death by perfumes by Isabelle Allende and the other text is the song of Solomon.

And guess what I picked as this year’s topic from my side: WHITE FLOWERS. Thus, I will present absolutes from Tuberose, Jasmine, Orange blossom and I guess I just HAVE to create a tuberose for this occasion. Right? I think I will show two or three white flower fragrances, too. Not necessarily from me, though.

So I will make a tuberose inspired soap. But what color to pick for the packaging? I see velvet.  A kind of greyish blue violet.