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mandarines et al

This weekend saw me jogging, cooking and discussing mentally and emailing. A lot of emails came in and went out and some are still in limbo space as I am not sure whether I really want to answer them. It is quite amazing what kind of emails you get, sometimes. Jogging was refreshing as it is still quite cold in Zurich, and it allowed me to think about a couple of trials I made the last few weeks and how to proceed there. The result of the thinking was another mix that I did yesterday, trying to combine the best of two worlds. A world built around ambra, and a world build around cypriol. Basically it is an idea that came up when sniffing the two trials with Vero Kern. We realized that the two trials actually smelled the most interesting when combined. Thus, looking at the two formulas, I tried to unify them into one.

I look at it as a game. The inspiration at the end is the wonderful scent of cypriol that is quite unique. Leathery, spicy, woody, warm.

While mixing the formula that is like a marriage of two different trials I made a while ago, I figured that maybe I want to do a second trial, but leave the citrus chord away. And instead add a bit more cacao and vanilla to soften the fragrance. This is what I will try later tonight, after putting bottles into boxes in the factory and after finishing some more mails. No citrus, just the great cypriol, accompanied by three different cistus ladaniferus extracts, some vanilla and cacao, patchouli and a hint cinnamon and a touch damascenone, for this ripe fruit and oriental spicy aspect that I love so much.

Using citrus in a composition comes like a reflex, maybe this reflex comes sometimes a bit too fast.

Thus, I scanned a mandarin today and leave the citrus there, on the scanner.