what's up?

money and something it can buy

Today’s picture shows you a look into a metal box (the bottom part of a pentagonal tauer perfume packing box), sitting on my desk, where I put my change that I collect in the back of my jeans. Sometimes I take some out to buy stuff at a vending machine, or in order to have change for a tip. But usually it just sits there and gets more, until I empty it and spend it, on something useless.

Actually, although just a few pieces of Swiss coins, there sits more money than the average family in (<enter your favorite pour country here>) has in a week. This sort of puts what follows into perspective….

Money is a fascinating thing and I tend to think a lot about it. One one hand, I am always amazed that we still believe in a pile of paper or some coins made from cheap metal.  I wonder for how long this bluff will last. There are a couple of currencies that are pumped up by the money printing press these days; quite troubling. I am also thinking about money, as money kind of makes my little perfume world go round. It flows. Some comes in , some goes out, and the goal is to trying to balance what goes out and what comes in. This is important in days like these, where you do not know what is going to happen next: Let’s face it… we all walk on pretty thin ice these days. See the printing presses above and why we got us in a situation where we just cannot but print money.

And, we got used to so many billions spent here and there that a few more here or there do not really shock us anymore. Thus, it becomes more and more difficult to think in hundreds or thousands. A dangerous mind set.

Sometimes I spend money, my company money, on things that I do not really need, yet. Usually, it is when I come across a raw material that I just MUST have. Because it is SO GOOD that I just want it. Hoping that one fine day I will come up with something fragrant that is good enough to do it justice.

The other day, or rather: A few weeks ago: I could not resist spending a bit more than you would find in my coin box on TUBEROSE. The best tuberose absolute that I ever smelled. Absolutely stunning. The BEST. I have smelled a few qualities. But this one was so floral, so rich, so pure and in a sense so radiant and shiny, without any oily or “hydrocarbon aftertaste” that you find quite often in absolutes. Nice, orange, thick tuberose perfection. Ok, it was not cheap , but not expensive for what you get either. I got whatever they had in stock (it wasn’t that much, lucky me). And since then I am in tuberose heaven, from time to time. Thus, for the time being,the company that sold it to me has not more in stock. But they will get more. “They” are called alambica.

Actually, this is what money is made for: To bring down a little bit of heaven to earth, by feeding us and others, keeping us warm, making us happy and smile. I do not think money should be printed just to flow into banks. It should flow to bring us tuberose.