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more violet flowers

We will hit summer like temperatures again this week. This is nice, as it brings me back into T-shirt-all-day territory. On the other hand, the first tulips came, saw the sun and left a day or two later. For some of the delicate spring flowers these temperatures are already too much.

I guess this is true for the violet flowers, too. You see them everywhere these days. They are about as delicate as they are fragrant, very fragrant. But, helas!, only for a short while, before the nose will get tired due to the ionones and you do not smell a lot anymore.

Actually, these ionones in pure form are some of my favorite molecules to play with. Like Irisone beta that you find naturally in violet flowers. My absolute favorite when it comes to ionones: Irone alpha. (6-methyl alpha ionone)

This is violet and orris root heaven.With a bit of silvery wood and a hint of raspberry.

Unfortunately, for a price tag that is also quite remarkable: It is about Rose absolute divided by two. At least the quality that I am using. Now, what can you do with Irone alpha? – I think about everything. At least a pretty good PENTACHORDⓇ. And with this we sort of finish the non stop linden blossom talk of the last weeks and move forward to new exciting stories unfolding….