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Nexin, 1-1000 limited edition

This one’s special….

Say hello to Nexin ,extrait de parfum, limited, rare and special.
You can order it here.

To celebrate its uniqueness, we present NEXIN in a white 50ml pentagonal flacon, with white Bakelite cap. What a beauty!

As you spritz NEXIN, you’ll be transported to a sparkling universe. The fragrance is classy, rich and blends fresh citrus notes with rose oil, lemon blossom, a dash of iris root, and warm woods, creating a captivating and grounding scent.

The depth and richness of amber gris, tonka, vetiver, and oakmoss add
to its sophistication and refinement.

Each flacon is special. It comes with an unique number between 1 and 1000 on the flacon label . And each Nexin has an individual card, with an individual number and a hand written note by me.

Some of its naturals are:
Natural essential oils of lemon, Bourbon geranium, bergamot, and rose essential oil, together with molecular distilled vetiver roots oil, vetiverol, and oakmoss resin extract.

Other notes include: Musks, amber gris, tonka, iris root, lemon blossom , airy wood notes with cedar and sandalwood.

Eco friendly.
Nexin comes in a packaging with unique numbers between 1 and 1000. Printed on FSC certified paper in Switzerland, and hand made in Switzerland it is sustainably produced.

technical details:
Nexin 50 ml extrait de parfum ships to the US from our California based warehouse, to Switzerland from Zurich, and to most European countries from our EU based warehouse: EU clients do not need to pay any extra taxes or fees. Please allow a couple of days for handling and shipment.

We cannot allocate specific numbers of bottles.

Because of limited production, we do not offer samples or miniatures.
Nexin, extrait de parfum, 50 ml, in cardboard box, each flacon and each box has an unique number between 1 and 1000. It comes with a hand signed card by Andy Tauer, with the number on the card.
Nexin is a limited offer, while supply lasts.

If your country is not listed in the checkout on we cannot ship there. Thank you for your understanding.