nice feature and a hike

Yesterday, right when I got into the train bringing me to a place 90 minutes of Zurich, I got a mail with some pictures from the weekend editions of the Singapore Business Times. Cool. Tauer got a full one page head shot there. How cool is that?

And here, by clicking on the picture (you need to click twice), you can see what I said, among other things, how to find inspiration and ideas in search of new fragrances….
so that was a nice start into a hiking day trip. The hike brought me to a place that was peaceful, quite, with lots of curious cows, fir trees in the sun, with a wonderful rich amber scent, green pastures with flowers all over, and all of this for 5 hours, pure hiking joy. I figured, after a weekend shift, I sort of deserved it. And, it gave me time to reflect a bit.

Reflection also about some of the comments yesterday. Indeed, I tend to forget sometimes. There is this wonderful passion for scents among my readers, and sometimes my readers need to remind me about what is at the core of all the many boxes and labels and excursions here and there in logistics and packaging and all the discussions of legal and financing issues: it is only the tool to present a scent.

A lot of Ueberbau (superstructure) for a  few spritzes, I know. But that’s the name of the game.

so…. today: Packing. And sending mails. One of them says, please send a quote for 1 kg Mimosa.