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No poodle notes in Le Maroc

today’s cover picture shows you an older sketch, done (I think) about 18 months ago, procrastinating, and maybe I have even shown the sketch here on the blog: I do not remember. I have sent the sketch to go with a long interview in German (sorry to my English native speakers) here, where I am brave, and where I got the chance to speak out , a bit. Actually, the photo collection there, going with the interview, turned out interesting, a panoptikum of tauer, almost.

I cannot tell you why, but I sort of love this sketch”Le Maroc pour elle”. Like the scent, it is a bit odd. Almost everything that makes Le Maroc special is in there, the exotism, the art déco,  the feminity, the High Atlas with the cedar wood,  the animalic aspect, although there is no poodle note  in Le Maroc!

Anyhow: What’s up today? Today, I will pack perfume in the factory, using the next batch of bakelite caps that were delivered yesterday. A precision landing! Yesterday was the day, when I used the last ones of the first batch, delivered last year, I think early spring, some thousand pieces. Actually, I was so relieved when the truck arrived yesterday. The precision landing was not really planned with that precision….

So you see: ordering stock and keeping balance and trying to get precision landings after flying in scented wonderland is keeping me busy. Of course,  Gardenia, the first “Sotto la luna” fragrance, starts to play  a role there , too. The scent is finished, of course, but I am still flying over wonderlands of design ideas, of illustrations, stickers, yet I have to plan the landing soon. And pump up stock. More flacons. Uff. But at least, the flacons for Gardenia will be blue, that simplifies my landing approaches….