making ofscents

no rose shortage, maybe

The last few days saw  me stocking up a little bit, fooling around with cellophane foil. I still need to practice there, but looking at the boxes in the shelf, things look ok. We do not use an additional glue (the cellophane wrapped packaging that you get from your supermarket or mall usually involves glue). The wrap is sort of easy to pull off, but it sticks and it is super protective. No fingerprints, no smears, no nothing.

And I was going through some  printed material that I got in Paris from natural raw materials suppliers. I smelled some wonderful qualities and love the idea to work with them, like mimosa, vetiver, in a special quality, actually: 2 vetiver in a great quality, tobacco,  and roses. I was told by a couple of producers that this year, the harvest was low, very low, as it was a bad year for roses, and that prices will go up, sharply. One supplier, who does not produce rose extracts and hence is somewhat neutral, mentioned this: “get your rose absolute now; prices will double in a few months”. I still haven’t decided whether to invest in rose absolute just to keep stock, really. Roses will be less limiting in the coming months, as I was building stock or am on the way of building stock of fragrance concentrates these weeks and months: Rose chyprée, air du désert, rose vermeille. More stock’s to follow, depending on stock levels in September, of orange star, incense extreme, lonestar memories. Thus, no rose shortage, maybe. But these days, things are hard to predict. Thus, I am trying to balance my way into the second half of this year.

The rules of my business which is creating scents, producing scents, selling scents, have changed. So, yes, besides all the fun and the creative aspects of my venture: I am running a business. The legislation changed, the communication, the buyers and their buying pattern. All these changes translate into hard to predict stocking up needs.

Anyhow, I am still undecided whether to get some of the mimosa, vetiver, tobacco, et al. It is tempting to get them, play, and create. But as tempting as it might be: There is no need really. The buyers are flooded in scents. No need for another one, really. I might still get my mimosa, though. But I do not know for whom, really. Maybe for me, only. Which is fine, and it does not matter as we are all flooded by and drowning in new releases, nobody is listening, really, to the trumpets heralding the news of the hour.