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Noontide Petals samples in the shop and the world in blue without blues

If you have not participated in the “Post Easter happy rabbit draw” for sample discovery sets: You might want to do so by visiting this post (click here). Tomorrow Saturday, I will pick the winners there. Good luck and thank you to all who commented already.

Today’s picture shows you a part of the “factory” where I fill bottles and label and pack them, seen through the blue glass of a pentagonal flacon, holding the camera right in front of it. The glass bottle sits on the crimping machine (think : one-armed bandit), and in the middle of the room I grouped the air du désert marocain bottles, ready to get labels on. A blue world. Without blues these days.

Yes, yesterday was a great day, as I finally got the last piece of the new packaging for Noontide Petals and could make the first shipment(s) ready for the US. Thus, things fall in place. The shipment will leave next week and around mid April Noontide Petals flacon will start being available in the US. Europe will follow a month later. I need to ramp up things a bit carefully this time. And I am travelling a lot in the next weeks.

On Wednesday, tatata! and uff!uff!uff!, we managed to install the online shop shipping extension and after solving a couple of unexpected errors, it all seems to work nicely, allowing me to accept single sample orders or discovery sets,  from many countries again (without offering shipping of full bottles to most).

Thus, another happy news: Noontide Petals samples are online, as single product or part of the sample discovery set. Next week, before leaving for Paris, I will need to prepare the full bottle products in the shop. Ah, yes: I will be in Paris, second half of next week, to officially present Noontide Petals during the Press Day at THE Paris niche perfumery JOVOY (the perfumery is closed for this day). And when back, I will just have the time to pack the suitcase again, grab my tent and hop into the next plane, bringing me to LA.

It’s about time!