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Noseday a Roma

Uff, two hectic days are behind me here: Lots of last minute stuff to get done  before I leave for the Noseday 2013 in Rome, where perfume lovers and perfumers put their noses together. One of the activities: A double interview on scent and friendship with Vero Kern, nose and creator and founder behind Vero Profumo, for a feature about friendship (more details when they become available) with everything: Video, sound, pictures. That was fun! I was biking to the interview date, through the woods around Zurich, in spring mode, but still without much green. Green things need time.

Thus, more or less, I am ready. Before leaving I will pick and announce the winner of the latest Lonestar Memories give away draw that I did a while ago on Facebook and here on the blog. We got 65 comments on the blog and 109 likes on Facebook. Not that I have any clue what the numbers really mean. But it tells me that I need to come up with a consolation prize. Or another draw. hmmm…. Actually, I just picked the lucky winner.

Tatataaaa: The winner is Holly, from New Jersey. You got mail!

Thus, this is done, now follows a couple of mails, more mails, and yes: more mails, and then: off we go. Uff. I am looking forward to the weekend, hoping that I will get some ideas over a cappuccino, or a glass of wine. I still need to find a few words for NOONTIDE petals. Comes time, comes words.

Fragrant greetings to you all!