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not today list of things

These days, when tired of doing what I should do, I have the gardenia base to distract myself and do what I should not do but like a lot. Thinking about how to integrate the gardenia base that I came up with a while ago, how to integrate in a scent in a way that the gardenia is still there, but not a somewhat boring monotonal. I did two first tests and both were complete failures. Although not matured I can clearly see that the base dominates and as the gardenia base per se is pretty rough, the whole thing turns rough and uneven and simply not nice and beautiful. The next trial will see me doing things differently. I think I have a few ideas there.

So far, I feel, I was a bit too close on the Gardenia and need to make one step aside. It ALWAYS is a good idea to step aside oneself from time to time and look at what one does. But that’s worth an entire post. Back to gardenia: I feel like it needs a certain creaminess, a floral woody creaminess, and a bit of a sweet flower. I tried frangipani absolute, which has definitely a powdery aspect, and blends well with the base,  but maybe I need to try Osmanthus absoloute, too.  Together with Indian Sandalwood essential oil.  We will see. …

But, as I mentioned before, the gardenia is actually on the “not today” list of things I do not have to worry about. Right now, I am occupying myself with text for Loretta, which notes to mention, and how to describe it. And I going through a few things that I need to reorder. Searching for the last quotes, prices back then and making my mind up who much to get this time. Not easy either, as I am totally clueless when it comes to numbers.

And, for the record, 15°C this morning around 10 am in Zurich. It feels like we had our share of summer in June.