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nothing better than planting tomato in end April rain

Here, a couple of low pressure zones pass through and over Zurich. Grey, even more grey, wet and pretty chilly again. Brrr…

There is nothing more cheerful theses days than planting tomato plants. Today’s picture shows you what and how I try it this year: We have a lot of 25 liter empty ethanol cans. I get my ethanol delivered in these cans, tinplate cans.

I cut the top off, bent the rim and use them as pots for tomatoes. In the end, after a season, we will have to recycle them in the metal recycling  container (as we do anyhow). By the end of the season, they will be too rusty to be used again, I’d guess, but for a season they should do fine.

I love the plants in the silver cans, love tomatoes in summer, and I love to plant tomato plants on cold rainy days in spring: The perspective changes, and the mind wanders towards summer. I imagine how the plants get bigger and bigger, start blooming, getting fruits, all the way into October. Planting tomato is an antidepressant.

Next: I am considering doing the same with Zucchini.

The same is true for creating (perfumes for instance), building a company, sowing the seeds of ideas that might grow over the years, provided the sun comes out, from time to time.