general thoughts

October. almost

I wish you a lovely weekend! It is almost October, Q4 almost started and I am simply baffled by the fact that I should seriously start preparing for the perfume highlight of the year: x-mas. Let’s try to shake this thought off for a second, it will come anyhow, right? Although, I have to admit, I started searching for a nice flower concrète since a while, in preparation for soaps and other goodies, that I might (no promises here) prepare as extra goodies for the season. Next week, I will get some samples of rose and jasmien and orange blossom concrète and I cannot wait.

Maybe one word one concrètes: These are wonderful raw materials. It is what you get when you extract flower petals with organic solvents: A waxy mass that is a bit closer to the flower and usually richer than the absolute. The absolute is made from the concrète, by extracting the concrète. By this extraction all the waxes that make up a good part of the concrète are left behind. Together with the waxes some scent components are left behind, too. For ethanol based perfumes: These waxes are a pain as they precipitate and clog everything. But when doing solid perfumes, oil based perfumes, or soaps! then they do great. Actually, they are perfect for soap scenting. A bit on the expensive side, but hey!  it’s going to be X-mas.

So I am looking for these concrètes samples and then I hope that I can order some of them, without minimal orders of 10 kg or so.

So, it is almost October and October will see me in Los Angeles, where I will present Loretta, easy going and with a big smile, at Luckyscent’s scentbar (October 19). Before that I will head for a day or two to Joshua Tree to collect some sun and peace for the rest of the year. October will also see me presenting the art of perfumery and how I turned into a perfumer to a Rotary Club gathering. This is an event I am looking forward to.  And yes, early October sees me packing piles and piles and more of my scents into boxes.

Actually, I will start today, although it is Saturday and not October: And  after a day, yesterday!, all behind the computer, and ending it behind the ipad, booking hotel rooms at 10 pm from the comfort of the couch, I am actually looking forward to packing for an hour or two.

I wish you a lovely autumn day, and if you are down under (or up over): Enjoy spring!

(today’s picture: scanned chestnut that fell from the tree and missed me by a few cm)