October treats

A perfect autumn day, that’s what we had here in Zurich yesterday. The sun was shining, a gentle sun, after mysterious early morning fog, trees in change from the everyday green working dress to the colorful negligees before going to bed soon. Yesterday, getting up shortly after 5, I learned that the birds are already whispering at this early morning time, before the sun shows up really. I was happy enough to spot one of the last bats Sunday morning, flying around the house before going to bed.

It was a happy day, and aside from a few mails and an order here and there, I did not work much on Sunday. Saturday saw me finishing a larger retailer order in the factory, and preparing some Air du désert marocain for this week’s packaging orgy.  Today’s picture shows you a pile of boxes, filled with “air”. October is usually one of the busiest months of the year, and this year seems to make no exception, which is nice. It is a turning point in the year, for me, here in Zurich; I usually go into a different mode in October. Sort of “let’s face it, no way out, winter and darkness is ahead. let’s get out of here”.

So there you go: Every year I am determined to get a daylight lamp, strong, to be in brightest light when the sun does not show up outside  in time with my activities. This will be the first winter, when I do not need to be determined anymore. I got one. Quite a while ago, used to take photographs of flacons et al. It may be a bit weak, though. Maybe I need to get one, a daylight lamp, with a lot! of lux, nevertheless.

On the other hand, October and November often are the most creative months in the year. There might be a link between the light fading and the brain coming up with ideas. Who knows?

Thus, tonight, when done with the work, I will do one more little trial on the vanilla theme. I have a version that I love, to be honest: But I want to understand it a bit better. It is better than the formula tells me. So you see: I just need to do one little test more. Vanilla and October go well together, anyway.