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on a brown green orchid and a printer that fits

It is the time of the year again. One of my unknown orchid blooms in the living room. It always does shortly before spring brings back the colors outside. The flowers are actually pretty small (1 cm) and pretty dull on the first look: kind of green-brown. But if you look at their details, it is all there and they are stunning. And there are lots of them. They are lovely with one exception: the scent. They are like so many orchids completely scentless.

Talking brownish things: The same mellow brown yellow color has my new /old printer. I mentioned it yesterday… we were searching for a Laser printer that can actually print on 240 gr/m2 paper, with a rough surface, on small cards that should not get stuck or not transported somewhere in the middle of the printer’s intestines. It looks as if the newest machines are not really good in this as the way the paper is moved does not really allow small cards to be picked and transported. But, lucky, lucky, lucky us, there was a super trooper formerly high end printer that was hardly ever used, has now 8 years on its back and that used to belong to the Swiss Federal Bank where I was obviously not used to print money.

These days all federal banks are printing money like crazy. And, as everywhere in life, things that come in masses loose their value. Anyhow: That’s another topic.

Bottom line: the printer is perfect. It really does the job better than expected. And cheap. And the toner, ah well! Consumables business is the real business these days-everywhere.

I now need to wait another week or two until I can get it.  And then I print cards with allergy information and more, happily and on 240 gr./m2 paper that looks nice and decent. Exactly what I wanted. I guess that’s worth a smile!