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On holiday cards and day 18 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 18 of my advent calendar. It is wonderful to see you all here! Today, I share a picture of my holiday cards: a gardenia, painted on the ipad a while ago. For the X-mas cards, I printed it on 220 gr/m2 artist’s paper ( medium surface cartridge pad by Winsor&Newton) and folded the A4 formatted card. Thus, the picture is on the right side/half of the A4 page and the other half, the back side, is empty.  Then, after writing a few words in the middle of the card, it goes into an envelope that I got specifically for the card: Kind of beige, with a shiny insert.

I picked a gardenia for this year, as it was besides Joshua Trees the most painted object in the house of tauer in 2012. And it was the flower that has seen most perfume trials in 2012: Starting in spring I was in a gardenia inspired frenzy and the result will be a gardenia fragrance in 2013. It will be late 2013, though, as I am faced with logistics and shipment issues and due to this with a big money issue first. The regular readers of this blog know the name of the line where the gardenia will find its place: SOTTO LA LUNA (under the moon). Actually with (R) , as I got SOTTO LA LUNA registered. It will be a line of white flower scents. Think: Gardenia, jasmine, orange blossom….Anyhow: It will be later in 2013.

The cards: I printed them over the weekend. And since I have them, I started writing some. Most of them will leave the house, reaching Swiss recipients in a couple of days, hopefully before X-mas. Due to the turbulence with the shipper and meetings and preparation work for the meetings, I am a bit behind. But I guess a day or two after X-mas is still ok?

Thus, today, you can win an X-mas card, signed by Andy, printed by Andy and with a motive that was drawn by myself. And it will come to the winner together with a fragrant soap: MANDARINES AMBRÉES again. Just leave a comment here to participate and say hi, and maybe, if you feel like it, you may comment on: How about your holiday cards?

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