On our way to Pitti 2012 in Firenze

Today’s sketch shows you: Florence, we are coming. Or at least: Soon! Tomorrow, we will take the early train to Florence, to help build the stand and get ready for the biggest thing in artistic and artisanal and niche and indie and luxury perfumery:  Pitti.

I cannot wait to finally get there,  and show Loretta, our newest offering from Tableau de Parfums, chat and talk to perfume lovers, and smell and see other fragrances from friends and fellow perfumers.

It is an amazing number of things to see and smell: Here is the list of all the brands, their offereing, and all of their new scents. The Sniff List is provided by Extrait.it and I hope I will manage to sniff at least 50%.

Am I ready? Technically, yes. All the samples are there in Italy. I have made a pile of things to bring with me, including business cards and adaptors and all my e-goodies. Mentally, I am not really ready, yet. It still feels like far, far, very far away. I guess, once through the Alps, by train, I will feel ready.