marketing and branding

on pictures of me, dog and others

As I have stated yesterday, we are digging deep into autumn these days. And autumn comes with brochures and inlays in newspapers and magazines. Kashmir, woolen things, and happy folks wearing mostly English warm cuddly garment under a great spring sun. Spring, because they do the shooting in spring. And with every booklet more of happy folks smiling in their immaculate pullovers showing the biceps and what you have:  I remember that I need to get a new tauer picture done.

I have this lovely wonderful picture that you see to the left, made by Tina Steinauer a while ago for Schweizer Illustrierte. I need new photos. I sort of outgrew this one. But this is not easy, as I am not sure how to present myself. Serious, smiling, me or me and nature, me and flowers, me frontal, me from the side, me sitting, sniffing (oh no! all those stupid sniffing pictures…) me walking….difficult! Thus , I came upon this inlay featuring body wear for HIM. And there I really started wondering. You know, you have this guy in his new sleeping dress, all blue, with long legs and I wonder who wears this anyhow. I mean, who at his age (like 28). And then the way he presents this piece. He is in some sort of shower, bath environment and he walks. Right into your face. One step more and he is there in front of you. He walks the way you walk when you conquer the world. One step more and it is all mine. Yes! Or at least he walks into the bedroom and takes whatever he finds there. This makes me wondering more. I mean…who ends up buying these things. Is it the women of the men wearing it? Then the add makes sense. Yes, a dream of him stepping out of the bathroom right  into the bedroom. But I would guess it must mostly be men buying their body wear. Right? Most of them are probably not gay guys, so what do they think when they buy it? I mean, the message is just wrong. too much energy in there for something you wear when you are tired and want to go to bed.

I kept looking into the hunter eyes (facing me), the pose (on the move) for a while and now I know: I will get a non-walking picture done of myself. Just to be on the safe side. Something more static, like the poodle picture that follows. It is our guest dog. I upload this for Jen. Enjoy!