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Yesterday was Sunday, and I used the opportunity of a a grey post-jogging Sunday afternoon to run the first series of 50 soaps: To see how long it takes and to make sure that there is enough time. You remember? I have made a deal with a local apothecary and provide them with 800 scented glycerin soaps, called “MANDARINES AMBRÉES”,   a lush rich citrus scent with a hint of ambergris, as a give-away for X-mas for their clients. Thus, we are sitting here with our 100 kg of soap…

In a sense the scent of the soap, together with the orange blossom core in  “eau d’épices”, is the mother of the fragrance “orange star”. Anyhow.

We made 45 soaps yesterday, poured them, cut them into 6×8 cm, 100 gr. pieces, wrapped them in cellophane plastic, wrapped them into printed, prefolded paper, stick them into a polypropylene bag, and seal it with a lot number. Sounds like an effort? Yes, it is. A bit.

But then, I think, it is a great marketing tool and a test run for the soaps again, with a clientèle that has not heard and sniffed a “tauer” before.

And, as we promised to have the soaps ready in a month: You will see me wrapping soap quite frequently these days. And -no kidding!- it is quality time, allowing me to do some serious thinking on a few scents in experimental state. Like the perfume built around Linden blossom, discussed yesterday on Nathan’s blog.

To celebrate the first 45 soaps: I pick (with a winner of one of the these freshly packed soaps, in the coming days from the comments in this post. If you wish to enter the draw: Just leave a comment here, on this post. If you are the lucky winner, we will contact you by e-mail (you maycheck our privacy section for any question about your privacy, click here). This draw is open…

This draw is closed now (20.10.2010). Thank you to all who participated. The winner is Kelly (4h…@..). Congratulations to you!

today’s picture: a look into the box with the packed soaps.