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on the move-we hope

Yesterday, as announced earlier, we could finally pick up all the papers and labels from the printer shop for the COLLECTIBLES and the PENTACHORDS®. The Pentachords trademark, by the way, got approved the other day in the US by USPTO  for publication. Welcome to the neurotic world of brand protection. A game that is more expensive than fun but that needs to be played…

Anyhow, before I fall into brand protection lamentations: Here is the latest news from the swiftly moving tauer folks. Since half a year I am trying to find an office and production room with two side conditions: close enough to get there by bike and affordable enough to continue selling my fragrances for a price that folks can pay. These days, everything is still happening in our house and in the cellars of my neighbors.

Yesterday, for the first time in 25 weeks, I found one. Actually, we found several options, all in the same building, in different sizes and forms. We took the bike (w.-factor and me) to get there in 15 minutes and now we just hope that the official price is going to be in the range expected. If we are lucky, in a few weeks from now, we shall not have to climb above boxes anymore when going to bed. Hurray.

PS: Sorry for not commenting … we are utterly busy around here.