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welcome back again after the weekend that hopefully was glorious for you! Mine was sort of busy and filled up to the rim with fun work on the computer. I continued with the brochure, collecting ideas, putting them into a context with picture, and trying to come up with pictures that are “ok”. It is a very fluid process, with text asking for pictures, and when the photos, sort of integrated into a rude layout, are there, the text does not seem right anymore and you go back to step one.

One of the pictures that I wanted to have: The new tauer cap, made from bakelite. Ready to be used in my bottle production as soon as we used up most of the old caps. This, of course, depends on how many bottles will leave the factory until then. We got the new caps delivered last week: 4 boxes, 5000+ pieces, produced in Switzerland. The later is -in my opinion- important. I try to source as much as I can in Europe.  Because, for instance, people here get sort of decent working conditions and social security and we have rules of engagements for the environment. Thus, I decided to focus on this point in the brochure, too: Bottles made in Europe by hand, by small producers, who are craftsmen, and provide products that are unique and authentic.

Yesterday, I read a  Harper’s Bazaar article online, warning about fake perfume, counterfeiting in the perfume industry, describing how for instance a client got her Chanel  for 14$ (nope, I am not talking about a sales of out of stock etc. items); she thought it was a good deal and learned later that it was a fake fragrance. How naive is that?

And why is it that we all care and worry about prices and deals, and not about work conditions and environmental damage? When have you actually checked where a product comes from? We might want to ask this is question from time to time for T-shirts, food, and all the other items that we buy in a globalized market place. To be honest with you:  I am so sick of the “Geiz is geil” (greed is good) mentality. Nobody shops in a value free system, and for some produce we have the choice.

Anyhow, I am drifting: The bakelite cover, delivered last week, looks lovely. Today’s picture shows you a photo that I took, a macro shot of a 2x2x2 cm cap, with a logo that is incredibly detailed. Isn’t it? I guess I will use this in the brochure, photoshopped to adjust the color’s tonality, linking it to my being a country boy deep inside.

Have  a great start into your week!