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open letters on linden blossom

It is with great pleasure (and many thanks for Nathan’s support) that I announce the next series of open letters between Mandy Aftel and myself on Linden blossom and creating perfumes from a broader perspective. I invite you to read more on our take on this natural beauty here (click here) on Nathan’s blog.

Today’s picture shows you two little vials of a dilution each (10%, 16%) that I made over the weekend, after two weeks of maturation of a trial, labeled October 11. So far so good. We need more patience. Anything else that is relevant there right now: See the open letter on Nathan’s blog.

Other news today: It is a logistics troubles day. I sent off juice a week ago, of the CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, in various dilutions, to test it for the scent cards production that we want get done, in France. Yep, you guess it right: So far the parcel is not delivered. It probably never will. I need to make a second parcel with dilutions to be on the safe side, as the French Post seem challenged these days. But it is not strike related, they simply have a hard time delivering a parcel with a computer printed address that is correct.

On another note, before the second coffee (no need for an extra coffee rush): Because I sort of did not trust the track and trace of one of the last big parcels,sent by truck, I checked it again. And a quick telephone call confirmed it: They lost it, cannot find it anymore. Now they search it.

And finally, I am still waiting for an answer to my e-mail query where ordered and paid products are. It is my first order from a particular essential oil producer and they simply seem incapable of answering or providing support. I guess you can feel it: We are not amused down here and I will soon talk publicly about my experience with them, what I usually do not do when things are in negative territory.

On a bright note to finish it all up: The Cologne, now baptized COLOGNE DU MAGHREB (see yesterday’s dilution remark) is lovely. I went to bed with a spritz/splash and slept like  a prince, assuming princes sleep well.