what's up?

out of town

today, hurray! finally and uff! and all: I will fly to London, for tomorrow’s launch event at Les Senteurs in the heart of London, surrounded by the best what selective perfumery has to offer. The launch date is going to see a full moon – and a super full moon-  and it is about as perfect as it can get for Gardenia sotto la luna. I am really looking forward to this.

It feels great to finally show this fragrance and to present it to perfume lovers and learn what they come up with and have to say. Perfume is very subjective. Totally subjective, really. I mean: I have no clue what you are smelling and the other way round. Of course, we can meet on ground that is safe and sound when discussing and experiencing perfume. For instance like: is it original, or is it like this or that? So I am looking forward to this event in London. Back in Zurich, I basically just sleep for a night, repack my bag, and move on, towards Florence.

A couple of busy days ahead and I am not sure how often I will talk to you, here on the blog. Sorry. But while I am away: there’s some reading for you.

Here’s the link to Persolaise’s review of the Gardenia sotto la luna. Enjoy!