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packs of 24 and 6 plus 1 and

Today’s post is again kind of production related. It shows you a box being packed for later transport. Actually, this particular box is inside a larger box and will be picked up in a few hours by our friendly fedex man. If possible, I pack the wrapped and sealed perfume in boxes holding 24 pieces each. I do not really know why this is, but the standard for orders is usually multiples of 6. Like 6, or 12 or 24, or 48. I have no idea why this is. And another standard is: Perfumeries order 6 pieces and get one tester for free. (ever wondered why perfumeries do not like to make samples on their own and give them away for free? ….This is one of the reasons)

Sometimes, as producer of scents, you get orders that are like “2 perfumes bought, 1 free tester”, which of course does not make sense. Often, when discussing with new perfumeries, this is kind of a test. How serious are you really? I have learned to say no, and did so many times, if I get proposals like 2+1.  A few years ago,  you would not get such a proposal. These days I get them and they make me wonder…there are a lot of perfumeries out there, in big troubles, sitting on huge stock, in desperate search for uniqueness and the special product.

One reason, for their large stock, on a side note, is: Distribution chains, be it “niche” or not niche demand that a perfumery takes a complete set of brands in order to get the one brand they are interested in. It is about shelf space and pushing distributed brands in and others out. A simple game. Ever wondered why you find a couple of brands always together, and seemingly everywhere where there is “niche”? This is the reason.

Thus, this is what you might hear from your friendly sales rep representing “industrial” niche to your perfumery: “So, you want brand x? You need to invest into y,z, and w, too. And your minimal order is (think really big), and we expect to see so and so much turnover per year otherwise you loose the brand again”…. No wonder, perfumery owners try to get different brands on their shelf, and for the most minimal investment possible. Brands that are not distributed are like gems. Or the other way round.

Of course, there are distributors and there are distributors. Some are different.

And now, off we go: More boxes of 24 waiting to be filled.