what's up?

palms et al

Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where -after a short spring breeze happiness- we are heading for a few winter days again. I guess I will try to remember palms et al on my way to the factory with the bike. brrr… my mind may be here, but my body sort of still dances in the sun.

In the factory, I will continue bottling air du désert marocain, finishing a series of 200 bottles, and will then continue packing them into boxes for orders that need to get out next week. While I am doing so, I will try to think about a couple of decisions that I have to make over the weekend. And I will in the back of my head prepare my mind for shipping to the US again. The goal is to change the online shop parameters over the weekend, make some adjustments and get the US in the list of countries that we ship to. Again. Finally! I guess this will be worth a dedicated post after the weekend, with all juicy details and some logistics porn.  Thus, stay tuned!

In case you wonder: No, we have no solution for Europe, and the rest of the world, yet. I try, from time to time, to publish updates here on this page: https://www.tauerperfumes.com/shipping

And I will continue dreaming of new scents. Nothing easier than that….

And yes, today’s picture: A scene in a park seen a week ago, sketched on ipad, with palms and peace.