marketing and branding

paper work

Besides moving and packing bottles in the factory; this week is going to be a bit paper dominated. That’s the plan at least.

Hence, today’s picture showing you a quick photo of a print-out of the Tauer GmbH  company ‘s GTIN-13 barcodes. I’ll really, really need to get up and running for September (the fragrance fair in Florence). And I need to work on tauerville’s scents for  Europe. These tauerville scents are also on the barcode list, as everything runs under the GmbH (that’s like a limitied liability company) roof. And there’s a little paper idea that’s running as batch job in my bio computer these days. You know: Air du désert marocain, my second creation of a scent for a shelf in store, is sort of 10 years old in September. L’air du désert marocain has become a classic.

Which is super cool. I do not want to make a decennial brochure or so. But as it is a classic and here to stay for many days more, provided I have a couple of days left, I sort of felt: Hey! I need to tell the world that air du désert marocain is unique and a classic. One of the best niche scents out there. So, at some point I realized that it would be cool to have a printed L’air du désert marocain book. Maybe. Maybe it is just another idea that won’t turn into reality.