general thoughts


I published this tuberose a couple of days ago on Facebook. I cut it in the garden and now it sits in the house and perfumes the living room in a nice way: Not too much, not too little; the thing with tuberoses…they can easily overwhelm you and balance is key, whether you put the alive in your house or whether you create an abstraction of the flower and put it into a perfume bottle.

Abstraction. Key when we talk about flowers and perfumes.

Abstraction. Key to understand our world. This morning, in the newspaper, I learned that there is a daily billionaire index on Bloomberg. Here’s the link. There, on this website, you can learn daily how much more or less the fortune of the top billionaires on planet earth is. Today, you might find out there that Mr. Gates ‘s fortune is 852 Million $ US more than yesterday. Probably because the stock market were in an uplift mood yesterday after the plunge for a few days.

The question remains: Why? Why this daily piece of information? Maybe these rich men and women are sort of celebrities and we all participate and identify with their up’s and downs? Like we do for Hollywood celebrities or princes and ladies and rock stars. I was identifying yesterday with Ms. E. Taylor, and “her” celebrity scent “passion”. Chatting with a perfume lover, telling her that me thinks it is one of the best celebrity fragrances out there, and that me thinks …well, to be honest… that if it was launched these days as “niche” it would outperform many others in niche… anyhow, chatting and talking about, I ended up going to bed with a heavy dose of passion.

And you know what: There’s a nice tuberose note in there and my night was quiet and peaceful.