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patchouli coeur

Patchouli coeur which means”heart of Patchouli” is basically a patchouli that is rich in patchoulol. I am using a quality that is 66% patchoulol. I use it together with “standard” patchouli in the dark fragrance that I described in the past few days. Patchoulol is also called Patchouli Camphor as the heart of patchouli  is a very camperous, in a sense it is actually close to incense, with its campherous terpene like aspects.  Maybe this is part of the fascination of patchouli. There is a woody dark side and an airy, campherous side and the two complement each other. It is like a constant discourse between these two sides.

Patchouli coeur is even a bit more on the light, airy, musky side. Yes, there is a musky aspect that is stronger and underlined in Patchouli Coeur. I got mine from Ventos, but the description on Robertet‘s internet site is wonderful. It is in French and thus even more mysterious: “Odeur : le cœur de patchouli présente un aspect olfactif très propre, ambré, terreux, patchoulol, oriental.”  Thus, it smells clean, of ambergris, earth, patchoulol, and oriental.

I mentioned it before : I use a lot of cocoa in this dark fragrance. The combo Patchouli-cocoa is a great combination.  Usually the cocoa is rendered into a gourmand scent. I like my cocoa dirty. The Patchoulol helps me to balance this dark side.  The dark woody “heavy” cacao and an airy musky light patchouli talk to each other and complement each other.

Next week, when all goes well, I will close this little series on this upcoming scent. The fragrance runs under the name Dark Passage, and I will present it in a specific context in a few days.

But now, it is time to stop here. We got a delivery coming, 5000 pentagonal boxes, and although they are empty and it is just packed air, carrying them around takes a while.

Enjoy your weekend!