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peak perfume

I am hoping that we have soon reached peak perfume: the climax of new perfumes sent into an oversaturated market. Maybe I will put an article together for the next tauer MAG, about peak perfume.

I am working on the next edition of the Tauer MAG which is a side project but I am loving it. It is refreshing as I do not have to worry about logistics and stock and packaging at all. I only have to worry about text and pictures. The plan is to go in print in August. I will write a story, better: I am writing a story for the MAG that covers the attar, going into some details of what’s it like to create perfume and what it’s like to make it. And, because I am thinking and writing there: I have a hard time writing here on the blog. Funny.

My goal for the next edition of the Tauer MAG: Provide a bit of an inside what it is really like to create and make a perfume. I feel that I can make a difference there. These days, many do not make a difference anymore between creative directors and perfume creators. And these days, with uncounted launches and new brands, I think I can make a difference telling what’s it like not to produce in Grasse.

I am not sure about the above mentioned peak perfume article that is hopping around in my head. Another title might be: Surviving of the fittest….A little insider article about why we see all these discounts on various brands and what it actually means. And no: there is no reason for consumers to be happy seeing niche brands that launched a year ago (or two years ago) being discounted by 30% or more in perfumeries. It basically means: the brand is not selling, thus it is sold off, and hence it is dying except somebody has money and can keep it going.

The result: shiny zombie brands.

In that sense I feel very sorry for everybody who puts all his money into building a new perfume brand and presenting it happily at Pitti in Florence. You really need to be very special to survive these days.

But then: Maybe I should not write such an article. It really feels like negative territory. To be seen.

I am heading happily for my little perfume factory now. Adding my share to peak perfume, trying to be very, very special.