Give aways and goodies

perfume spots and a draw

Fragrant greetings from 29 Palms!

This post brings you a draw and three short perfume spots, created by Brian Pera, highly talented indie film maker from Memphis, father of Tableau de Parfums and a really smart writer. The draw happens on Evelyn Avenue’s blog, and by clicking here you get there.

There, three winners will be picked by Brian October 22. You can win a fragrance from my line of scents (including Tableau de Parfums) by watching the short films , -perfume spots-, commenting there and picking your favorite spot. All these three spots are mirroring Loretta, in a sense it is like the scent is reflected in the lense of the camera of the movie maker who created the underlining film Woman’s Picture. Fun, and interesting!


I turned off commenting here, not because I do not like your comments, but just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding where to comment.


After 2 days here, in 29 Palsm, I will head for LA and our scent gathering Friday, October 19th, at the Luckycent Scentbar. See you there!


And now: Enjoy the perfume spots and good luck in the draw!