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photo session at tauerville

I could not resist: While I was posing for a photographer yesterday, I took some pictures of her, too. You see the result in today’s picture. But contrary to her (the photographer’s) super trooper camera, I was operating my Nokia’s camera. And contrary to her being a professional photographer, with an eye for all possible details and effects, I just click buttons. So, yes: We had fun doing the shooting in a couple of locations at tauerville.

One of the many photos that we took will appear mid January in the NZZ, Switzerland’s most important newspaper that I read since I am twenty. I also got it during my year in Texas, as a short and printed version, coming about 1 week after the original publication. These days, I get it online, too. On the pad, when travelling or taking baths or waiting for whatever. Amazing. Technology really has changed the world So we had fun, and contrary to the original plan, we landed in the cellar, too. There, where I have the 12 liter aluminum cans and a lot of my raw materials, there the light was great and all the aluminum cans added a great silver shiny effect. Andy in silver can garden. Later we switched to the “atelier”; the room where I create and come up with funny ideas. A room that is a bit chaotic. Being creative is a fluid process. Thus, bottles and papers and pictures are carried away by a stream of something that is hard to explain.

Ah, and yes, I tried to smile for the camera. Yesterday, that was particularly easy. My gardenia plant in a pot made another flower: The first flower since a very long time.

And now, we are heading for the factory, soon: Time to pack perfume. And then there is the tuberose soap waiting to see the world. More on this fragrant adventure next week. With pictures!

For the time being: Enjoy your weekend!