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pink free

today I posted a picture on, without much text, expect mentioning that lonesome rider is basically pink free. I love the juxtaposition of the two pictures.

Both of them are clichée, a bit, but one of them is more honest. Funny: I have this fragrance (trial) in my excel that is pretty much pink, and pretty (sweet) and all and when jogging yesterday, I realized that I have a hard time bringing it to the markets, if I ever wanted, because: We all sit in our box and it is hard getting out of there. There is this little devil in me, though, that is constantly tempting me to jump out and to puzzle folks.

We will see.

On, I presented Fruitchouli flash last week, and again: We are pretty much pink free there. The fruitchouli flash is getting out these days, to the shops and to perfumer lovers, and the first men got it and love it which is super cool. In the right context: Fruits are for men, too.

And yes, things around tauer got a bit complicated recently…There is much going on here and there and I know that keeping up to date with Andy these days might be a bit tricky. I need to think about an umbrella page, sort of,  and I hope that my new website, when it gets ready, will allow me to link forth and back….

Have a great week!