Pitti 2015 ahead

Good morning from Zurich, almost on my way to Florence. A wonderful city that I have actually never visited, for real I mean, with sightseeing and so… Every time that I was there in the last couple of years I was way too busy spraying and talking perfume. This year will not be different. Pitti 2015 will see me presenting the tauerville line in Italy and the next scent in my Sotto la luna collection. Tuberose sotto la luna.

What’s it like? Just…. wonderful. Green spicy floral head notes, creamy tuberose, ylang ylang, jasmine and a dash of roses in its heart and a dark rich base featuring tuberose, patchouli and dark ambergris.

So there you go: I am already in perfume talking mode.

I will be back late Monday next week and cannot wait talking about what it was like.