what's up?

post dilution and post extraction

We diluted what needed to be diluted and we shipped what needed to be shipped.

And today is my first day without two of my wisdom teeth. And it looks like it is going to be a day fully loaded on and with mefenacid. Well, be it. I guess if you can’t change it, accept it. grummel.

Today sees me preparing more stock mixes on paper for later mixing this week. Right now I plan to mix LE MAROC POUR ELLE, EAU D’ÉPICES, UNE ROSE CHYPRÉE over the next week or so. This means: fiddling with Excel, calculating the formula based on a master formula, printing it out, getting the stock of the raw materials, usually searching for a while, and bringing all together at room temperature. Later it means weighing, mixing, pouring, sweating and deep immersion. But that’s a few excel tables away.