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post Pitti Fragranze report 2011

We are all back, safe and healthy, from Pitti Fragranze 2011. And we are happy. Happy because nothing bad happened to anybody in the car accident on the highway yesterday that involved us, in the middle and made us worry whether and how we might get back to the land of tunnels and cheese.

Well, actually, one guy was maybe hurt in the neck. The ambulance took him with them. He was number 1, being the first car in the standing queue that was hit by two guys in a car. Thus, his car was really hit. We were the fourth. The Saab took the energy and transformed it into scrambled metal. Hello transformers… now would be a nice time to show yourself and fix my car! Anyhow: Nobody seriously hurt which is amazing, in light of the two guys crashing into us, sort of pretty much full speed. The two guys are in deep troubles, because one might be an illegal immigrant. All crashed car owners might be in troubles because the car did not really seem to have a valid insurance. After talking to my insurance company this morning: We are in for troubles, because it all happened in Italia. Things are different there. Ah, well. At least the value of my car was more sentimental than real cash.

On the other side of my brain, I am still trying to bring all the impressions from Pitti in order. I did not have time to smell and visit a lot. I was most of the time at the stand, talking and hugging and cheering. Which is fun, but very tiring. It really is.  Nevertheless: Here a few highlights and best of:

– the official dinner, organized by Pitti. The best ever! No speeches, free everything and the location was absolutely stunning: The four seasons.

– the most beautiful exhibition stand: Campomarzio’s stand, with the candles. All so wonderful vintage and so beautifully integrated into the Pitti hall. Super stunning.

– the most interesting perfume: This IS a difficult one. There were so many wonderful  fragrances. Ok…here one of the most interesting. It was not presented at Pitti, but Ineke showed me her Angels Trumpet that she did as part of the floral curiosities for Antropology. I loved it a lot. I will visit Anthropology in LA to test the rest of this line. And I loved the packaging. So thoughtful,  in every detail.

– the most interesting scent strip card: Yosh for Sombre Negra. A black moustache formed scent strip that you would hold under your nose. So cool! And the scent: Great!

– the most tiring and most interesting day: Saturday because of all the private perfume fans. Entire families visit. Amazing.

– the most beautiful perfumer present: Mona di Orio, shining with her wonderful Nombre d’Or collection on our stand.

– the perfumer with whom I talked most: Olivier Durbano, with his wonderful collection on our stand. Make sure you check out his new scent citrine.

– the moment I looked most forward every afternoon: Getting back to the hotel and drink a beer.



Today’s picture shows you one of these moments in the hotel.