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printing cards

today, right now, somewhat bugged out, I am printing cards a gogo. For air du désert marocain. It is a bit annoying, because the printer has troubles fetching the cards, sometimes. Thus, it was quite some fiddling happening this morning in the house of tauer. But now, after setting some details and cheating the printer by telling it “hey, it isenvelops!” things seem to work. The stupid printer needed some help to manage fetching the paper. It took me a while to figure that one out.  Thus, happy card printing.

The cards go on the back and inside the packaging of the air du désert packaging. They contain a lot of information and look a bit like a letter jungle. And now, that I am talking about the information there: You find there “ingredients” and these ingredients is actually not -contrary to what one might expect- a list of what is inside, it is just a list of allergens that need to be declared by the EU laws. It’s allergens that are part of a list of 26 allergens that need to be put up there if present in the product at higher than 0.001 %.  Having said this: I move on printing them. Later, I will move on and start packing air du désert a gogo. The goal: Getting some hundred done in the next days. Hurray: Finally building some stock during quiet summer months!