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tomorrow, I shall fly to London, and visit my favorite perfumery there: Les Senteurs. The last time I was there, I was shopping for Grossmith, a flacon of Phul Nana in its lovely packaging and with this twisted (in a very positive sense) perfume that builds a beautiful bridge to a past long gone.

And I got a few soaps, to smell later. Like d’Orsay Tilleul that is quite unique. Soaps, for me, are a big love, a way of enjoying fragrance, without actually really putting anything on. And contrary to suffocating candles, room sprays and other fragrant  atrocities that not always, but often are too much and hard to cope with, fragrant soaps are fragrantly there when you need them. Now, I am talking high end soaps, perfumed to smell nice not intense, not the super perfumed cheap things you get in stores. These smell like they can actually kill you.

But I think, soaps are difficult when it comes to making money with them. That’s why you see them coming in packs of 2 or 3: Otherwise the cost-effort/margin coefficient seems not to be sufficiently high. I – for my part- have sort of put the soaps on hold. I have a formula or two that gives wonderful soaps. But these days, I work on fragrant liquid stories.

Or to be more precise: I work on packing them.  Zeta -a linden blossom theme-  is shipping like crazy. It is just wonderful.

Today’s picture: A rainbow seen yesterday on a grey sky in golden evening light.