Inside Tauer Perfumes- daily picture

rainy cowboy land

Over the weekend, I took a quick time out, hiking in Swiss mountain wonderland. Wonderful! The colors of the season and the scent of the leaves on the hiking path and the green meadows and and and were amazing. These days, Switzerland is very beautiful, even when it rains (like it does today). It is grey and chilly in Zurich. The perfect weather for smoky rich perfumes, Lonestar Memories, for instance, the cowboy scent. Which brings me right away to this: there, where I was hiking, the farmers did not cut the horns of the cows. What a lovely sight. And: I think many of us Swiss have a special relation to cows. Deep down there, many of us are a bit cowboys. It is something that unites many in the US with us here in Switzerland. And I guess also with other parts of the world. So many of us are a little bit cowboys and cowgirls inside. Going their way, lonely and brave.

Actually, Switzerland and the US have quite a lot in common. We are a small country, though, but our founding fathers shared some ideas and believes with the founding men and women in the US. So many Swiss guys and girls left Switzerland to build a future in the US. Quite amazing…. bottomline: when thinking about the “other”, I try to see the bridges and what unites. It helps me to go through my day through cowboy land.

Enjoy your day!