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retour de Paris

So I am back from Paris, and can look back to an evening with Maccarons, champagne, wonderful people and a secret star: Miriam, the fragrance. In a sense it was the European launch of Tableau de Parfums. Miriam has arrived in Paris, now. I took a picture inside the shop, looking outside, and I find it so “French”. An old Citroen, champagne, perfume…

The event, which was absolutely lovely and brought me together with wonderful people who were all enthusiastic and passionate, took place at Marie-Antoinette. This is Antonio’s little paradise, a wonderful little cozy shop in the middle of the Marais which is a quarter in Paris worth exploring.

Here is a picture of Antonio right in front of his shop. He is the most charming guy imaginable.


Alors: A ne pas manquer sous aucun prétexte….

Now, I am getting ready for my meeting with my designer who supports me and endures me in my endless wondering about my packaging. I am looking forward to sitting together with Donovan Gregory, from the Designers Club, and designing my world.


Today’s picture shows you a TGV in the gare de Lyon. These trains are fast. And the new ones are really comfortable. It is actually better than flying.