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Human beings, children especially, need rituals; we feel fine with them and look for  the comfort of well known places and the security of finding people, things and thoughts there where we expect them. Hence, we arrange wonderfully with prejudices, spend  a lot of time at familiar places and do a lot of the same things, year after year. [Please do not ask me why we always anticipate new perfumes, usually quite eagerly.]

I make no exception. Hence, like last year, I uploaded a picture of my jasmine blooming down there (the W.-factor mentioned it the other day: ” When it starts smelling odd in the basement then it is winter and the jasmine blooms”), and I finished my advent calender, and did the layout for the Christmas greeting cards and ordered them. Guess what: The card features roses again.

Anyhow. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, there seems to be another ritual forming these days. The ritual of worrying about the inlays for my box. Yesterday, I came to the conclusion, somewhat sad, that the folded inlay is too much a risk position. If  shaken really hard it does not hold the flacon in place. Even tougher paper tears. And the idea of using plasticized paper is somewhat odd; I rather get a nice (PP) inlay right out of a mold. Yesterday, I asked for a quote for a preformed inlay. Somehow, the folded inlay does not feel right anymore.

I wonder what my printer guy thought about me, calling him and telling him to stop the inlay. “Stop it now. Immediately.” Well, I was right in time. A few hours later and the stuff would have been in print. Now it is not (yet) and we have more time, to make sure that we have a 100% performing inlay.

Well, maybe I subconsciously did not want the origami folding inlay.  Thus, back to field 1, with some lessons learned.

Anyhow: Have I told you already? Another ritual of me and the W.-factor… I will be in Paris, over the weekend, in need of a bit of French chic.