room to dance a Tango


The real estate rent agency and me agreed on the price and conditions and now I just wait for the contract papers and by May 1 I will be a proud renter of two rooms, 15 min biking distance. The rooms will need some painting and I can’t wait to show you pictures and share all the details.

The two rooms are connected by a door and we will use one of them as storage room for boxes, bottles, labels, paper and all the other stuff that fills my place here. And the second room will be a boxing, packing room with space to dance a tango.

Well, almost.

Actually, not really. Maybe a slow Waltz might work.

The picture to the left shows you one of the reasons why we need to move out of our little farm into a place with more space. This shipment goes South right now and I can only say: Yes, I love you all, my dear Italian fans and friends.

And now: Off to the train station. I need to travel to Bologna on Sunday, 5.5 hours forth by train, the same time I will need to go back by train and in the middle I will visit a stand or two at the Cosmoprof exhibition.