ROSE flash

I just clicked the “send” button for the newsletter. It is out now, no way back.

There it says: ” ROSE flash is the most luxurious rose that I have created so far. It is special in many ways. I look at it as a little gift from tauerville; a perfume for my rose loving friends. A stunning rose, rich, oriental, gourmand.

I want ROSE flash to be experienced as a complete scent and not picked apart into individual notes and analyzed down to its bones. Hence, I do not want to provide notes.

This rose is here to share the joy and fun I had in my lab exploring rose petals.”

Product details:
ROSE flash comes in perfume concentration (20%), in a 10 ml roll-on format, without extra packaging.Samples: The ROSE flash is not part of the Tauer sampling program.Shipment is to the US and Switzerland only for logistics reasons. Availability: only
Retail price: 30 Swiss Francs, 32 $US
Although Rose flash is not a limited edition, availability and sales are  limited. Tauer does not guarantee that the flash series of products will always be available.
ROSE flash is the first fragrance from a series of flash scents.

More details here.

So there we go…