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Roses et al

Welcome back to a new week with (hopefully) exciting days. I had a pretty busy weekend and am looking forward to a week that will have it all: From packing perfumes, riding the car to pick up packaging goods and combining this ride with a visit at “Bauhaus” (love it!), to meeting perfumer friends and creating perfumes (and painting, of course).

The other day I realized that many of my latest creations did not feature dominant citrus notes. And I figured: Ah… we are in a citrus void. You know: When creating perfumes, I feel I have my favorite notes and themes that last for a while and then change to another theme, to other preferred notes or combinations.

But, realizing that there haven’t been much citrus notes recently, it already happened and I feel I am in for change again.

So, … some of the musings over the last few weeks went more into citrus and vintage territory. Citrus: That’s one of the many characteristics of -let’s say- fragrances that are more than 60 years old. How rich in citrus notes they are! Unfortunately, these days we live in a world where citrus brings flashbacks of  “WC Ente”, (toilette duck, for pictures, click here)….

So, you might say: No worries, dear Andy, your sparkling citrus wonders are so different. Sure they are, but rest assured: All of us can’t go back to a world where we were not flooded by “artifical” lemon et al. We simply can’t. Our brain is branded with fake citrus.

The same is true for vanilla, but more on the taste side.

So, maybe some citrus, but here’s the thing: I am also in a rose phase. There’s hope.

Today’s picture: An ad picture for facebook and my tauerville site there.