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Richard Lüscher Britos Store Build UPRight now I am testing two different rose oils from Iran, methyl eugenol reduced, just from an olfactory point of view. Methyl Eugenol (here is what IFRA has to say about it, pdf) is a potential carcinogenic, present naturally in a couple of essential oils, like rose, clove or basil essential oil. Thus, there is a growing demand of methyl eugenol (ME) free rose oil. The price of ME free rose oil is higher, the scent quality is usually lower. It is the same with Bergamot oil: You cannot really use the real thing with all the bergaptene in there anymore, but it has to be said: Bergaptene free Bergamot oil is just a touch less rich. ah well.

I am not considering buying the Iran rose oil right now. Just testing it. I mentioned it yesterday, PHI -une rose de Kandahar is doing just great and I feel like I should just stick there for a moment. Yesterday, I poured more bottles of PHI and packed them. Tomorrow, if all goes well, they will fly off towards my Shipwire warehouse in California. Am I happy with Shipwire? You bet!

Do I love to work with roses? You bet!

Here is another proof: Next Friday, 4pm, Zurich, Markthalle, will see the official opening of the Temporary Store of Richard Lüscher Britos. There, the world will see among other Terroir scents my take on the Lavender 44N 3E (lavender was harvested at 44 N, 3E). Here is a short video of the
Richard Lüscher Britos Store Build UP

More on Richard Lüscher Brito? you can find it here.

And what’s this to do with the roses? No lavender without roses… thus, there in the Lavender 44N 3E, I used a rose oil, in order to support the spices and the gourmand notes of lavender. The rose oil used is just one out of 28 all natural components, oils, resins or absolutes, no isolates, and it has a wonderful effect. So, yes, roses, here and there, everywhere.