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scent lego

Back from a great hiking trip with the lungs filled with fresh air, and the brain with ideas and visions: A lovely weekend to you!

While hiking for a few hours under an amazing sky and in temperatures that are far too high for November, I was thinking and imagining and playing with roses. When packing soaps (Thursday), I was analyzing a Carbon dioxide extract I have from Bulgaria, Rosa damascena, a select grade CO2 extract that is quite amazing. Actually, I was looking at it on a paper strip,  together with other paper strips with other “rose” chemicals, citronellol, phenylethanol, geraniol and other terpene alcohols. It is always amazing again what happens if you put naturals into a synthetic context. How an otherwise pleasing but dead scent on a paper strip gets full bodied and enriched by a neighboring  paper strip with naturals. Putting these scent strips together under the nose is like building a perfume on paper strips.

Even without any specific plans: This is fun. It is like playing with LEGO. Scent Lego.

Enjoy the colors of the season and the scents of the end of the year. A happy weekend to you all.
Picture: The mountains seen from “Hochalp, Säntis area”.

a new friend …

and the last flowers of the season.